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How Does It Work?

Spotnik has a list of networks, GPS co-ordinates and passwords stored in a database on its server. This database is downloaded to your device when you first install the application and periodically when you are on WiFi (or you can manually update whenever you like).

With this network list, you will be able to quickly and easily access WiFi networks around you that others have saved to the database, giving you free internet on your Android device, at the touch of a button. This eliminates many of the problems involved with connecting to wireless networks.

If you wish to add a network to the database its as simple as opening up the application, selecting the network to use and putting in the password. The application will validate that the network password is correct and then share the database to the Spotnik server. Each network can either be shared as a public network (one that is shared for all Spotnik users) or a private network (one that is shared between only you and your facebook friends that use the application)

Spotnik Features

Automatic Connection

Spotnik will automatically connect to wireless hotspots that are saved in the database as soon as you are near them (you can disable this as well if you want).

Simple Interface

Connecting to the networks is as simple as opening the application, clicking on the network name and putting in the password. No longer do you need to go to settings, wireless networks, scan, enter the password and connect.

Crowdsourced Internet

Because of the way Spotnik is designed, the more people that add networks the more functional it is for everyone. Sharing networks is as simple as connecting and picking if you would like the network added to the public pool or privately between just you and your friends.

Security posture

The way devices work they often send out what is known as probe requests to search for nearby networks. On phones this is usually saved networks. Attackers use these probe requests to setup fake wireless hotspots that look like networks you use. Spotnik will always remove the last network it connected to from the saved list so that your network list does not get to be very large and attackers do not see any probe requests, keeping you safe.

Define how you share

Now you can easily share networks with your friends if they simply have the application installed and you have shared the network as a private network. Spotnik will automatically share private passwords with friends of yours on Facebook if they also have the application installed.


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